First-time log-in

If you have not registered with our on-line system before you will need to create an account on our on-line booking system, TeamUp.  You can do this using the Book onto a Session button above.

You will then need to create a password.

Once into the system you will need to edit your profile to provide emergency contact details, answer the 2 questions on your track experince and accreditation and sign the Waiver Form.

You will be able to see your upcoming sessions, book onto new sessions and make outstanding payments.

Need to book a family member or friend onto a session? You can do this by creating a Family on your account and adding members to that Family.  You can then book yourself or anyone in that Family onto a track session and pay for them.

Please contact us if you need any help setting up your account, booking onto sessions or any other queries you might have about using the on-line system.  You can do that using the Request Further Information button below.

Member log-in

If you have already registered you can log-in using the Book a Session button above.

Unsure what session you should sign up to?

On many of the sessions there will be two groups:

Experienced:  This session is for riders who may be accredited and/or that may have raced.  Riders must have taken part in a significant number of track sessions and/or be a very accomplished track rider.  The session speed is likely to be 26+mph.

Intermediate:  This session is for riders who may be accredited.  Riders must have taken part in at least 10 track sessions.  The session speed is likely to be 22-26mph.

Novice: This session is for riders who have ridden the track before less than 10 times.

Beginner: This session is for rider who have never ridden the track before.

Minimum age of riders on our track sessions in 11 year old.

Under 16 riders – use discount code UNDER16 to apply a £2 discount on any session

If you are a novice or beginner please contact us to see if there is an appropriate session you can attend.