Newport Track Accreditation

PDQ Cycle Coaching Ltd do not carry out Accreditation tests or provide sessions that qualify to fast track through the Newport Accreditation process.  However, we can help you improve the skills and drills you need to perform to pass the accreditation test and provide you with additional practice.

During the Track Accreditation you will need to display the following 6 skills.  In general you are being judged on safe ridingfollowing instructions, your observation skills and communication skills.

1. Holding onto Rail and Moving Off

•Holding onto the rail on the concrete, make sure you are clipped into your pedals

•Look over your right shoulder to check it is safe to move off

•Push yourself off the rail to make sure you have enough speed to start pedalling

2. Following a Wheel

•You must be able to demonstrate that you can ride safely close behind another rider, at least within 1 bike length of the rider ahead

•It is important to keep the space between you and the rider ahead consistent

•Never overlap the back wheel of the rider ahead with your front wheel

•Follow the line of the rider ahead

3. Lap/Half-Lap Turns

•This drill is all about safe manoeuvring and being aware of riders around you

•Flick your right elbow and look over your right shoulder before moving over to the right to let the group come through

•Keep looking for the last rider in the group and then join the back of the line

•Keep the space between you and the rider ahead consistent

•Keep your pace consistent when you are at the front

4. Leaving the Track

•Riders must leave the track in a safe manner, within 2-2.5 laps

•If you are on the blue line, come down onto the black line and keep the pace the same – make sure your look over your left shoulder before coming down onto the black line

•Each rider must follow the rider ahead and keep distance between rider ahead consistent

•Complete 1/2 lap on the black line – make sure you look over your left shoulder before manoeuvring

•Then come onto the cote d’azure, checking over your left shoulder before manoeuvring, keep speed consistent until the whole group has come onto the cote d’azure

•Come onto the concrete and start to slow up, slowly come to rest against the railing on the back straight

5. Weaving between riders

•Riders space out around the track and leave enough space between riders (roughly 2-3 bike lengths) so that a rider can ride between them and the rider ahead

•On the whistle the last rider weaves under and over the riders ahead of them

•The rider weaving through must let the rider know they are coming under or over them by shouting “under” or “over”

•The rider weaving through must make sure there is enough room to weave between the riders and clear their wheels

•This is all about safe manoeuvring and communication

6. Stacking

•Riders need to ride around the track stacked up one above the other keeping their front wheels level

•Biggest thing is communication if you need riders to slow up or down

•Rider at the bottom dictates the pace as they will be riding the slowest as they have furthest to travel around the bends and need to be riding with enough speed to stay upright on the boards

•Rider at the top will need to speed up on the bends and back off on the straights to keep level

Riders wishing to take an Accreditation test at Newport Velodrome must be 14+ years old and complete the Improver Course or attended drop in sessions, and be approved by a Newport Live coach. It is not possible to book onto the Accreditation unless this has taken place. Riders who have indoor Velodrome experience at other sites are welcome to attend lunchtime drop-in sessions but will not be able to book straight onto an Accreditation. Riders with questions relating to the accreditation process or with outdoor Velodrome experience looking to ride indoors should contact Newport velodrome on 01633 656757 and ask to speak with the Track Development