What is FTP and why test for it?

FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power and is your sustainable power, something your can hold for up to an hour. Knowing your FTP allows you to set accurate and personalised training zones. This is vital for constructing appropriate workouts and pacing rides. Below we have provided a Cycling Power FTP Calculator so you can calculate your own FTP.

How to find out your FTP?

First of all you need to perform a 20 minute test and record your power and preferably your heart rate.

To record your Power we would always advise you use a well-serviced Wattbike for the most accurate reading, although there are many other means of measuring power nowadays, but are not as well calibrated. At PDQ Cycle Coaching we offer one-off Wattbike Power Tests and they also come included in any of our coaching packages.

You may need to use a Software Training Package to help you calculate your average Power, for example TrainingPeaks, if you are not using a WattBike. Once you have your average Power and Heart rate, enter them into our Cycling Power FTP Calculator.

What to do once you have your FTP and your Training Zones? Well you use those numbers when working to specific zones within your training that your coach / your training plan prescribes. Here is more information on our bespoke training.

Cycle Power FTP Calculator

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