Virtual Indoor Cycling Sessions run by Ex-International racer and top BC coach Jason Streather. These sessions are run in the winter months, October to March

Live virtual indoor cycling sessions

Throughout the winter of 2021-22 we will be offering live virtual indoor cycling sessions via Zoom. There is the option to also have the live virtual indoor cycling sessions prescribed to you via a Basic TrainingPeaks account so that you can sync it with Zwift and join the coach on a Meet-up.

What you will need to take part in the virtual indoor cycling sessions….

  • Bike and Turbo or other Indoor Cycling Equipment
  • Something to display Zoom on (laptop/iPad/Tablet/iPhone etc)
  • Network coverage in the area you will be completing the session to link to Zoom
  • A fan to keep yourself cool as you will get hot riding indoors
  • Ear-phones to hear the coach’s instructions clearly (optional!)
  • Plenty of drink and a towel
  • Plenty of enthusiasm to work hard!
  • Zwift account if you want to upgrade to the TrainingPeaks and Zwift Add-on (Optional)
equipment needed for live virtual indoor cycling sessions

When are the virtual indoor cycling sessions….

  • Thursday Evening 7.15pm

How to Book a Session

  • Pay for a Block of 5 sessions for £20, using the link below, or pay £5 for individual sessions
  • Book onto a session via our booking system
  • If you would like to join the Zwift meet-up that runs along with the training session then we will need to either create you a Basic Training Peaks Account that can be loaded into Zwift or if you already have a TrainingPeaks account then link me as your coach so I can load the workout into your calendar (how-to-guide below on how to load your TrainingPeaks workout into Zwift)
  • Turbo session will be hosted on Zoom and Discord allowing you options of how to attend

Turbo Block of 5 Sessions

  • Price: £20
  • Hosted via Zoom
  • No TrainingPeaks Add-on capability

How to Sync TrainingPeaks with Zwift for your virtual indoor cycling sessions

If you have chosen to have your training prescribed via TraininPeaks then you can join the coach on a Zwift Meet-up and have this workout loaded into Zwift as well so you know the power levels you are working towards.

This is the view of TrainingPeaks that you will see:

TrainingPeaks workout prescribed

Load up Zwift, pair your devices and start your ride as you normally would. You should have already accepted the coach’s Zwift Meet-up Request and you will then be able to join the Meet-up by pressing the JOIN MEETUP button when it gets within 5 minutes of the Meet-up starting. Or you can wait until it takes you there automatically. Once you have joined the Meet-up you can load in your Workout as follows.

Zwift Meetups

Once you have joined the Meet-up (not before as the workout will start before the Meet-up and then will be removed when you join the Meet-up!), click on the Menu button and then click on Workouts:

Zwift Workouts

From the Workouts screen you should now see an item on the left hand side menu called TrainingPeaks Custom Workouts that should contain the Live Zoom Turbo Session that you have in your TrainingPeaks calendar for today. Select this custom workout. Note that you will only be able to see and select workouts that are in your TrainingPeaks calendar for this day.

Loading the workout into Zwift

Close this menu by pressing Workout button and then you should now see the Workout on your screen. The Workout should only start when the Meet-up starts.

Virtual Indoor Cycling Sessions