23rd May was round 1 of the PDQ Race Series at Odd Down Cycle Circuit in Bath. This series we are offering 3/4 category and Masters races, both as part of a series. As every year we have generous sponsors kindly donating prizes: 73 Degrees Bicycle Shop, Pronto Bikes, Aerocoach, Styrkr, Tru-Tension and Fantastic Finds. Series Leader and Winner jerseys kindly donated by Stimulus Sport.

3/4 Category Race:

The first race of the night was the 45 minute 3rd and 4th category race. After the neutralised lap the race was fast and furious! There were attacks from the start, with Bath Cycling Club’s Darren Gardner making the first attempt to form a break away. The fresh bunch was not going to let that slip away though and the bunch was strung out in the chase. This set the scene for the rest of the race with solo digs off the front by various riders but the bunch not allowing anything to go away. Avid Sport rider Dylan Cherrault did manage a gap on the bunch but was reeled in the next lap. Most aggressive rider of the race had to be Sn Vitae Bim Bam Coaching RT rider Joseph Surmon, always bringing back attacks or driving the speed on the front of the bunch.

At 15 minutes into the race we had the first prime, and this was won by Joseph Surmon, followed by 1st Chard Wheelers rider George Whitlock, Velo Club Bristol rider Grant Levy, and Army Cycling Union rider Matthew Taylor.

At 30 minutes into the race we had the second prime, and again it was won by Joseph Surmon, followed this time by Grant Levy, Peter Higgins and Daniel Burt.

So the leader in the Sprints Points jersey goes to Joseph Surmon, with the maximum 10 points, Grant Levy lies in 2nd place on 5 points.

Even though there were riders attacking throughout the race, the bunch was way too vigilant to let anything get away. Even with the average race pace being very high, the bunch was only able to shake off a handful of riders. And so it came down to a bunch sprint and inevitably it was the strongest riders on the night that again dominated this. The race was won by Joseph Surmon, a clear winner from 2nd place Grant Levy and 3rd place Matthew Taylor. So Joseph leads not only the Sprint Points competition but he also claims the Series overall lead too.

Full results at bottom of the page.

Full gallery of images from our official photographer Barrie Bailey can be found here can be found here: Gallery

Prime 1Pts
Joseph Surmon – Sn Vitae Bim Bam Coaching RT5
George Whitlock – 1st Chard Wheelers3
Grant Levy – Velo Club Bristol2
Matthew Taylor – Army Cycling Union1
Prime 2
Joseph Surmon – Sn Vitae Bim Bam Coaching RT5
Grant Levy – Velo Club Bristol3
Peter Higgin2
Daniel Burt1
Prime Points – 3/4 Category Race

Masters Race:

The Masters race was a similar affair with riders attacking throughout the race and the pace of the bunch relentlessly fast. First attack of the night was from the gun and it was Pronto Bikes rider Beale, this did set the scene for the intentions of that team as they were involved in attacking or breaking away several times in the race. There were attacks from other riders too, namely Andy Edwards of FTP Racing Niel Dunnage of PDQ Cycle Coaching and Frazer White or Pontypool RCC, to name but a few.

The pace in the first part of the race was so high that is saw a split in the bunch as the whistle was blown for the first prime. It was Frazer White of Pontypool RCC who took the first prime ahead of last years Sprints jersey winner, Steve Whitehurst of Reflex Racing. Justin Hoy of Pronto Bike CC took the 3rd spot ahead of team mate Adrian Warren.

The second prime of the night was taken by Steve Whitehurst, ahead of Frazer White, leaving them tied on points for the lead in the sprints competition. Andy Edwards took the 3rd spot ahead of Daniel Carr of Salt & Sham CC.

The last few laps did seem to settle a bit as the riders seemed resigned to a bunch sprint. However, as the bell rang it was PDQ Cycle Coaching’s Colin Parry who sprang from the bunch and gave it his all. A tactic that has seen him win many a bike race. It meant that Gerry Bowditch of Reflex Racing was forced to chase. This effort did real Colin back in on the finishing straight, but also handed an armchair ride to Colin’s team mate Tristan Stevens along with last years series winner Justin Hoy. It was Justin who took the win on the night and the series lead, ahead of Tristan and Frazer White rounded up the podium.

Full results at bottom of the page.

Prime 1Pts
Frazer White – Pontypool RCC5
Steve Whitehurst – Reflex Racing3
Justin Hoy – Pronto Bikes CC2
Adrian Warren – Pronto Bikes CC1
Prime 2
Steve Whitehurst – Reflex Racing5
Frazer White – Pontypool RCC3
Andy Edwards – FTP – Fulfil the Potential – Racing2
Daniel Carr – Salt & Sham CC1
Prime Points – Master Race

Full gallery of images from our official photographer Barrie Bailey can be found here can be found here: Gallery

Next races in the Series are all bookable via the BC website:


3/4 Category:

  • 1 Joseph Surmon Sn Vitae Bim Bam Coaching RT
  • 2 Grant Leavy Velo Club Bristol
  • 3 Matthew Taylor Army Cycling Union
  • 4 Samuel Nisbet Big Maggys
  • 5 George Whitlock 1st Chard Whls
  • 6 Ben Vangasse
  • 7 Daniel Burt
  • 8 Adam Chivers RNRMCA
  • 9 Darren Gardner Bath Cycling Club
  • 10 Simon Richardson GCN
  • 11 Thomas Reynolds Army Cycling Union
  • 12 Dylan Cherrault Avid Sport
  • 13 Caleb Moon Reflex Racing
  • 14 Adrian Riddleston Gillingham and District Wheelers
  • 15 Jack Beveridge Avid Sport
  • 16 Guy Trevor-Jones
  • 17 Thomas Whetton
  • 18 Luke Jerome Racing Club Ravenna
  • 19 David Manlow Bristol RC
  • 20 Doug Keyte Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
  • 21 Peter Higgins
  • 22 Rick Hawker VeloVitesse
  • 23 Simon Collins SRCT Development Team
  • 24 Finlay Mowat Avid Sport
  • 25 Alex Higuera PDQ Cycle Coaching
  • 26 Ole Bainbridge Reflex Racing
  • 27 Harvin Johal Salt & Sham Cycle Club
  • 28 Michael Sleeman Gillingham and District Wheelers
  • 29 Alexander Bulman Salt & Sham Cycle Club
  • 30 Benjamin Pearcey Avid Sport
  • 31 Luke Godfrey PDQ Cycle Coaching
  • 32 Tom Halleway
  • 33 Rhys Hinton Monmouthshire Wheelers
  • 34 Lewis Wiley
  • 35 Joseph Lycett
  • 36 James Fry

Masters 40yrs+:

  • 1 Justin Hoy Pronto Bikes
  • 2 Tristan Stevens PDQ Cycle Coaching
  • 3 Frazer White Pontypool RCC
  • 4 Andy Edwards FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
  • 5 Adrian Warren Pronto Bikes
  • 6 Steven Whitehurst Reflex Racing
  • 7 Daniel Carr Salt & Sham Cycle Club
  • 8 Robert Pears Bath Cycling Club
  • 9 Dave Turton Pronto Bikes
  • 10 Matthew Dale Velo Club Bristol
  • 11 Spencer Hardman Salt & Sham Cycle Club
  • 12 Andy Hoskins Cardiff JIF
  • 13 Rupert Beale Rapha Cycling Club
  • 14 Garry Hodges Salt & Sham Cycle Club
  • 15 Antony Neads PDQ Cycle Coaching
  • 16 Nicholas Beale Rapha Cycling Club
  • 17 Colin Parry PDQ Cycle Coaching
  • 18 Niel Dunnage PDQ Cycle Coaching
  • 19 Jonathan Wiggins PDQ Cycle Coaching
  • 20 David Rutty Velo Club Bristol
  • 21 Graeme Lackford Team Tor 2000 Kalas
  • 22 Paul Hayward Pontypool RCC
  • 23 Steven Cottington Bath Cycling Club
  • 24 Nick Creed Somer Valley CC
  • 25 Grant Leavy Velo Club Bristol
  • 26 Gerry Bowditch Reflex Racing
  • 27 Rob Pewtner Cheltenham & County Cycling Club
  • 28 John Hollier PDQ Cycle Coaching
  • 29 Adrian Thompson PDQ Cycle Coaching
  • 30 Marcus Williams Reflex Racing
  • 31 David Stoyle Bath Cycling Club
  • 32 Vincent Ellis Velo Schils – Interbike RT
  • 33 Jason Streather PDQ Cycle Coaching
  • 34 Simon Worsley Cheltenham & County Cycling Club
  • 35 Andrew Merrett Velo Club Bristol
  • 36 Robin Morgan Velo Club Bristol
  • 37 Richard Franklin Avid Sport
  • 38 Christopher Hamblin Bath Cycling Club