Some Track sessions have resumed at both Newport Indoor and Maindy Outdoor Velodromes. Please see the Upcoming Sessions for the dates and times.

  • 13th June 3-5pm – Newport Velodrome
  • 27th June 3-5pm – Newport Velodrome
  • 4th July 3-5pm – Newport Velodrome
  • 18th July 12-2pm – Maindy Velodrome
  • 25th July 3-5pm – Newport Velodrome
  • 1st August 3-5pm – Newport Velodrome
  • 8th August 1.30-3.30pm – Maindy Velodrome
  • 22nd August 3-5pm – Newport Velodrome

These sessions are currently only open to experienced track riders and the sessions are limited to 15 riders. NOTE: These sessions are not bookable via our TeamUp payment system, you need to message direct to secure your place and pay via BACS. This is to ensure that only experienced riders book on.

Please message us to book your place as we are not currently taking booking via our online booking system.

PDQ Track Session

Our ever popular PDQ Track sessions at Newport Velodrome are a regular occurrence all year round, with weekly mid-week and Sunday sessions.  You can now book on to sessions using our on-line booking system.  You can view and book onto sessions via our Upcoming Events. These sessions are very popular so don’t miss out and pre-book.  

On most of our sessions there will be 2 groups, 1 group riding while the other is resting, unless it specifically states that there is only 1 group riding the track during the session.

Venue – Newport Velodrome


– 2 hour session with 1 group riding at Newport Velodrome = £22

– 2 hour session with 1 group riding at Maindy Velodrome = £12 members, £15 non-members

Specialist sessions will be priced individually.

Venue – Maindy Velodrome

Unsure what session you should sign up to?

On many of the sessions there will be two groups classified as one of the following:


This session is for riders who may be accredited and/or that may have raced. Riders must have taken part in a significant number of track sessions and/or be a very accomplished track rider. The session speed is likely to be 26+ mph.


This session is for riders who may be accredited and/or are competent riding in a group on the track.  Riders must have taken part in at least 10 track sessions.  The session speed is likely to be 22-26 mph.

Intermediate with Accreditation Drills: 

This session is aimed at intermediate riders who are aiming to get accredited to ride SQT sessions or track league at Newport velodrome.  It will include the main accreditation drills including weaving and stacking.


This session is for riders who have ridden the track before but will probably have been on the track less than 10 times.  


Beginner track sessions are aimed at riders new to track riding, where it is their first time or they have ridden the track 1-2 times already.  The beginner session will start with a briefing about track riding, the rules and safety guidelines.  The session is aimed at getting the riders familiar with riding a fixed wheel bike before progressing onto the track.  By the end of the session you will be riding up the banking and performing drills like weaving between cones.  All riders signing onto this session must be able to ride a bike competently prior to the session.  Please see our Beginners Guide to Track Cycling.

Gas Gate Start Session:

These sessions are limited to 12 riders only.  The first hour will be an off-the-bike workshop discussing the techniques involved in a fast efficient standing start and a roller warm-up.  Followed by 2 hours of practising starts on the track.  Start practice will be hand held and mainly using the Newport Gas Gate.  There will be feedback using video analysis to improve your technique.

Individual Efforts Session:

These sessions are limited to 20 riders to ensure maximum efforts.  A session to allow you to practice individual efforts in pursuit or sprint events.

Bunch Race Skills:

These sessions are limited to 20 riders.  A session to practice bunch racing skills.

Sprint Clinic with Lewis Oliva:

These sessions are limited to 12 riders only. Specialist Sprint clinics with Lewis Oliva.  The first hour will be an off-the-bike workshop discussing the techniques and tactics of sprinting and demonstrations and a roller warm-up.  Then there will be 3 hours to put these theories into practice with the help of some demonstrations from Lewis on the track and a chance to ride with him.  Feedback and video analysis throughout the session.

Minimum age of riders on our sessions is 11 year old.

Under 16 riders – use discount code UNDER16 to apply a £2 discount on any session.

Can’t see what you’re looking for?  Why not email us to ask for specific sessions. We are always willing to put on specific sessions if the demand is there.

Some useful information regarding PDQ Track Sessions: