"Pretty Damn Quick"

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PDQ Cycle Coaching Time Trial Team

PDQ Cycle Coaching is proud to present its' new cycle racing team.  PDQ Cycle Coaching has been registered with CTT and BC for 2019.  This team is about cycling being an inclusive sport with no age limits, and seeing how much each rider can improve, being inspired by being part of a team.

Meet the Team!

Name: Bob Symons (aka "the cap'ain")

Biggest achievement: Completing 500 mile non-stop ride for charity, 12 and 24 hour TT PBs in 2018, just missed out on the West BAAR for last 2 years!

Goals for next season: Regional BAAR for age group, Qualify for World Amateur TT champs

Bob Symons

Kevin Garland

Name: Kevin Garland (aka "500-mile Kev")

Biggest achievement: Completing 500 mile non-stop ride for charity.

Goals for next season: Sub-24 minute 10 mile TT, get racing on the boards, and maybe start road racing in the second half of the season.


Name: Tim May

Biggest achievement: 10mile TT PB last year @ 20:07

Goals for next season: Medal at the National Track Masters, sub 20 for a 10 Mile TT and sub 50 for a 25 Mile TT

Tim May


Rob Tucker

Name: Rob Tucker

Biggest achievement: 2018 was the first time competing in 38 years!

Goals for next season: This year I want to do more of everything cycling! First aims are to get under 25mins for a ten and then get better on the track


Andy Morgan

Name: Andy Morgan

Biggest achievement: Improvement in both 10 & 25 mile time trials in 2018

Goals for next season: Break 26 min for 10 miles and the hour for 25 miles


Ken Evans

Name: Ken Evans

Biggest achievement: Completing a charity endurance ride in 2018

Goals for next season: Improve on my pb for 10 mile TT, qualify for Amateur TT World Champs


KenEvansTeamPhoto BobSymonsTeamPhoto RobTuckerTeamPhoto

Paul Cann

Name: Paul Cann

Biggest achievement: Getting into cyclo-cross and racing the Regional Champs this year

Goals for next season: Race Cyclo cross for remainder of this season and the summer series in prep for winter 2019. TT’s during the summer


Paul CannTeamPhoto

Name: Mark Leeming

Biggest achievement:  1hr for 25 mile TT, 22'53 10 mile TT

Goals for next season: 58 mins for the 25 mile TT and 22 min for a 10 mile TT. Try my hand at road and circuit racing

Mark Leeming