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PDQ Cycle clothing

Short Sleeve Road Jersey             £50.00

Aero Short Sleeve Road Jersey     £55.00

Long Sleeve Road Jersey              £55.00

Bibshorts                                    £70.00

Shorts                                        £60.00

Rain Jacket                                 £83.00

Winter Jacket                              £97.00

Winter Gilet                                £85.00

Long Sleeve Training Jacket         £75.00

Summer Gilet                             £60.00

Track Mitts                                 £25.00

Thermal Armwarmers                  £33.00

Thermal Kneewarmers                 £33.00

Legwarmers                                £33.00

Summer Cap                               £15.00

Skinsuit Short Sleeve                   £85.00

Skinsuit Long Sleeve                    £90.00

Aero SkinSuit                             £165.00

Winter Bibtights - no pad              £67.00

Winter Bibtights - with pad           £75.00

Summer Overshoes                     £30.00

Winter Overshoes                        £40.00


Triathlon Suit                              £90.00

Triathlon Top                              £55.00

Triathlon Shorts                          £55.00

Triathlon Aero Suit                      £95.00


Short Sleeve Freeride/BMX Jersey£42.00

Long Sleeve Freeride/BMX Jersey £48.00

Freeride Shorts                           £80.00


Clothing is supplied by Ellmore Clothing





Size Chart PDQ Cycle Clothing Race and Training Wear

Vest Top (Black)                         £12.00

Hoody No-Zip (Black)                  £25.00

Hoody With-Zip (Black)               £25.00

T-Shirt (Black or Yellow)              £12.00

Polo Shirts                                  £17.00


Leisure Clothing is supplied by Curtis Sports & Leisure



To place your order:

Email: pdqcyclecoaching@gmail.com

Mobile: 07899680669

Leisure Clothing

Our cycle clothing range is supplied by Ellmore clothing and is available for anyone to buy, not just our coached riders.  Please contact us directly via email to place an order.  Kit usually takes 4-6weeks to be delivered by our manufacturers.

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