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By jason, Dec 2 2018 10:34PM

I can't recommend higher having a decent bike fit, especially if they provide aerodynamic analysis as well. I went to 73degrees Bike Shop in Keynsham, near Bristol to try out their bike fit, priced at £150. They spent several hours in total looking at my position, trying out their wide selection of kit they have on hand, performing a aerodynamic analysis. The results....a 2nd place overall in DB Max TT today at Castle Combe. Beating people who had beaten me last month, prior to having the bike fit. People noticed how smooth I looked and I really felt like I was in the RIGHT position.

Not only do bike fits make you go faster by improving your position, they also reduce your chances of getting injured, which in turn makes you faster as you can train more consistently. So get youreslf down to your local bike fitter and grab your self a PB!!

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