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Beginner Track Sessions at Newport Velodrome

Taster Track Sessions at Newport Velodrome

To book a 1-hour Taster Session run by Newport Velodrome, visit their website:


Newport Taster Sessions

Upcoming Beginner Track Sessions

All 2 hour Track sessions are £15 and 3 hour track sessions are £22.


-Sunday 24th February 1-3pm


-Sunday 3rd March 5-7pm


-Sunday 10th March 3-5pm


-Sunday 17th March 3-5pm

Beginner track sessions run by PDQ Cycle Coaching are aimed at riders new to track riding, where it is their first time or they have ridden the track 1-2 times already.  The beginner session will start with a briefing about track riding, the rules and safety guidelines.  The session is aimed at getting the riders familiar with riding a fixed wheel bike before progressing onto the track.  By the end of the session you will be riding up the banking and performing drills like weaving between cones.


Each session will generally be run as 2 groups on the session, so while one group is riding the other will be resting.  Therefore your approximate track time will be 1 hour. This is usual for track cycling as the intense effort and constant pedalling means you need frequent rests.


Take a look at our Beginner Guide to Track Cycling for tips on what to wear, what to bring, hiring track bikes and how to ride the track.


Click on the links below to book onto the session or book on via this link Track Session booking.


Help with on-line bookings


Minimum age of riders on our track sessions in 11 year old.

Under 16 riders - use discount code UNDER16 to apply a £2 discount on any session.

Thinking of riding the track but worried you won't be able to do it? Take a look at the video below of our beginner track sessions, taking complete newbies to the track to riding at the top of the boards within a 2 hour session.